4 Tech Trends That Changed Marketing

Over the years, I’ve been asked to give my predictions of where things are going with the web, social and mobile and technology.

For context: I’ve been online since 1987, started the first woman-owned, full-service Internet company in 1995, started an early social media marketing agency in 2006 (before we really called it that), started a social/mobile dev and consulting firm in 2010. I’ve seen a lot of trends and heard a lot of predictions over the years, some that came to fruition, some that haven’t yet.

Here are 4 tech trends I identified in 2014 that are still relevant today:

In a nutshell:
1. Hybrid or 360 degree experiences blur what’s offline with what’s online and vice versa. Think “augmented reality” without the science fiction label.
2. Social fatigue will be prevalent due to all this hyper-connectivity, and new businesses, products and services addressing these issues will prosper.
3. The user generation model will dominate content development (and wreak havoc on the content/publishing market i.e. bad news for paid writers).
4. Crowdfunding goes even more mainstream than ever. We’ll all have the power to fundraise or get a piece of the action, depending on the project.

What technology trends are you seeing that drastically change the way we’re doing things?

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