Technology is everywhere. Our personal lives are often filled with electronics, gadgets, and connectivity to the Internet. Our work can exacerbate this intense exposure to technology and constant communications and information flow.

We have very little freedom from technology.

WorkLifeTechZen is a resource for busy people who are looking for a break and to learn how to breathe and better manage technology, social media, and the Internet. Reduce stress. Manage information overload. Relearn thoughtful tech etiquette. Lessen the stress that technology and connectivity generates.

I know it may seem a bit contradictory to use a website, email and apps to have less stress around our tech, but this isn’t about giving up your tech – it is about being more mindful of how, when and why you use it.

2015-03-13 15.49.51I’m Aliza Sherman, the founder of WorkLifeTechZen. As a web pioneer, she enthusiastically promoted the Internet around the world as an amazing tool for our work and lives. 30 years after first going online, I’m on a journey to re-examine my own relationship with technology and the Internet to become more mindful of my use of these tools.

I’m working on paying more attention to the precious moments in life and being more aware of how technology and constantly checking email, texts, news and other messaging distracts me from being in the moment and with the experiences or the people right in front of me.

Please join me in this journey. On this site, I publish and share articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and free downloadable resources to guide you toward on a path to greater peace with our tech. If you are looking for permission to change the way you use technology every day and to have more energy, attention, productivity and creativity in your work and life and less stress, please subscribe to my emails for tips for using technology in more mindful ways and the apps that help you be more centered, present and productive.

Thank you!

Aliza Sherman