The #Unplug Movement

I’ve been talking about “Manageable Tech” for a while now. A few years ago, I even started a podcast and a book project about the topic called Zen of Being Digital. Back then, I couldn’t get a publisher interested in the book because social media marketing books were all the rage. A book about simplifying tech, paring down, unplugging or taking a break? Blasphemy!

Fast forward to now. Fast Company publishes an #Unplug: The Complete, Printable Guide. Baratunde Thurston left the Internet for 25 days. And the #unplug hashtag is on fire. Faisal Hoque provides his definition of “unplug” which focuses on “giving up craving.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.27.20 AM
Download Fast Company’s guide here.

When I was on a book tour for Social Media Engagement for Dummies, we started brainstorming some “Savvy Social Tips” to share at our events. I threw out “unplugging” and the idea that shutting down our devices and stepping away to breathe can give us all more perspective, clarity and focus.

Counter-intuitive for someone who has lived, breathed, taught about and evangelized since the 1990s? I didn’t think so. Because the #1 thing I hear from people around the world when I meet them in person is “What should I be doing online? I’m so overwhelmed!”

My short answer? “Step Back and Breathe.”

My longer answer? I’ll share it over time on this blog. I hope it will be a start of a new, refreshing conversation. About getting offline to better manage and even improve what you’re doing online.

How do you unplug? Or do you?

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