10 Practices for More Impact with Less Burnout

modified from a post published on AlizaSherman.com

Beth Kanter and I gave our first joint presentation on some of the content we’ve been compiling and writing for our new book together, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: 10 Strategics for Impact Without Burnout. Our assignment was to come up with 10 concrete things anyone could start doing today to bring more awareness to one’s health and wellbeing and apply self-care techniques to different aspects of one’s life.

We framed the areas of our lives where we need to pay attention and practice self-care as the 5 Spheres of Happy Healthy. As human beings, we are affected by and influenced by our relationships, both internal and external. How we interact with ourselves, with others and with our surroundings and other elements has a direct impact on our wellbeing.

These are the 5 Spheres of Happy Healthy we shared:

5 spheres happy healthy

And these are The 10 Practices we discussed:

  1. Create A Self Care Bill of Rights
  2. Understand and Apply Habit Change Frameworks
  3. Get Enough Sleep
  4. Get Moving
  5. Embrace Mindfulness
  6. Manage Your Energy and Attention
  7. Integrate Tech Wellness
  8. Stop Procrastination
  9. Set Limits
  10. Create Your Self-Care Plan

You can go through our slides below and find a few more resources on our Happy Healthy Nonprofit Site.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.27.27 PM

How are you applying Self-Care practices at home or work this year?

Also check out:

  1. Beth’s post – http://www.bethkanter.org/10-practices/

  2. Wild Apricot page – http://www.wildapricot.com/academy/expert-webinar-series/the-happy-healthy-nonprofit-10-tips-for-impact-without-burnout



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